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What some have had to say about Bones' performances;

"How can one person be so talented??"

"Playing his heart out on so many instruments..adding vocals..so many different languages and melodies.  You could feel his passion and the tropical beat and imagine being at a Cancun resort sipping on margaritas and enjoying the soft, tropical breeze on newly tanned skin." 
" It was an AMAZING evening at the Steamplant Theater to a sell out crowd...the theater was rockin !!!"
Elizabeth Ritchie,
Steamplant Theater
Salida, CO

"Bones is a genius!"
"Extremely Talented!"

"These were two just of the comments that I heard
from the audience after the Bones concert.

"It was truly amazing how he moved from one location to another as if directing an orchestra of hundreds...establishing the different sections and then turning to bring in his amazing solo. What ingenuity!" "Another thing that impressed us was how respectful Bones and the audience were of the historical building they were in. It was a great night!
Here's to a sky-rocketing career Bones!"


Sharon Bland,
wner, Manager,
The Historical Tabor Opera House
Leadville, CO


What some Faculty Members have had to say about our programs;

  "The Bones program was riveting and intriguing. Stories and music from around the world were shared with our middle school students through unusual instrumentation. These sounds were layered on top of each other and ultimately they sounded like an orchestra. The applications of diversity, geography, and storytelling were rich with information. Our student's fascination was apparent by their engagement and questions.
Thank you for coming!"
Mary Ellen Hansen,
Ken Caryl Middle School
Lakewood, CO

"Bones himself is an energetic performer who has a natural comfort and rapport with kids. His performance integrates his many talents with a wealth of cultural knowledge and passion while involving students and maintaining musical excellence."

With full-color pictures and a student-friendly layout, the design of the Bones' curriculum is both eye-catching and challenging. Information on six different instruments is well presented at an instructional level.
Student worksheets for each instrument include questioning at all different levels, from comprehension, to synthesis and evaluation."

"Bones' program is a fabulous way to engage students in the world's diversity through music. Students who have a hard time focusing on textbooks or lectures (which is all of them at one time or another) are instantly rapt at the idea of rapping on a snare drum or timbale, or blowing into a didgeridoo.
Rich in relationship-building diversity and cultural awareness,
Bones' sets the bar high for academic and social learning."

"Integrating skills in writing, reading, math, geography, cooperative work, and, obviously, music, Bones addresses nearly every academic arena."

"In an educational era when standardized testing holds such importance, the opportunity to make use of a program that addresses students' interests, social needs, and academic requirements is hard to pass up!"

Rachel Barbe,
7th grade Language Arts Teacher,
Ken Caryl Middle School
Lakewood, CO

  "Bones presented an animated morning of music playing the steel drum, marimba, drums, bells and shakers, creating the sound of a full ensemble. 
He shared stories about the history and origins of the music while inviting students to clap, sing, and interact with his music."
"A fun and lively time was had by the students and teachers!"

Judy White,
Jefferson County School District
Jefferson County, CO

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