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Mountain Mail March 2007
"Bones will return to Salida this weekend with his heart pounding show.
'It takes a full day to set up with video, lighting and special effects' Bones said. Bones has signed a deal with Media Magic to film the show for use in a full length DVD."
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Wet Mountain Tribune February 2007
"Bones took his audience on a musical trip around the world with his songs inspired by the first rain of the season on Africa’s vast Serengeti plains or by the blazing tropical sun in Belize.The growling voice of the didgeridoo, formed a deep vibrating background, to add the flavor of ancient Tibetan monastic traditions to a song called 'Himalaya.'"
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Tenderfoot Times December 2006
"All of Bones' songs provided toe-tapping beats that had a Caribbean feel to them. Bones topped off his performance with singing and dancing and was joined by students dancing free-style down at the front of the auditorium, egged on by the rooting and aplause of the student body."
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Wet Mountain Tribune October 2006
"Drawing the audience in with light banter, Bones worked each piece with the expertise of a craftsman. Dancing around the stage, layering rhythms with melodies with vocals, each song became a delicate torte to be savored. Much of Bones’ music is personal reflection. Inspired by the story of Wounded Knee, “Papa Wheelie” is a vibrant piece reminiscing about the innocence and simplicity of childhood. From Brazil to Africa to the Caribbean to America, his music conjures images of the faces and feelings of people everywhere. “Serengeti” celebrates the long awaited rains with a passionate tribal beat. The voices of the steel drum and mallet kat add a joyful lilt to this festive selection."
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Vail Daily/Leadville Chronicle July 2006
"The CD and the upcoming concert mark a culmination of musical creativity and
technical inventiveness.
Bones creates music by recording loops, or short repeating segments of different percussion, melody and vocal parts.
Looping live is difficult, but in the studio, looping is a bit more straight forward.
This left Bones with a choice: make a live-sounding album in the studio,
or go for something with polish. He chose polish. "It’s more a piece of art than a representation of a live show. This is what it would sound like if there were 17 of me!"
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Colorado Central Magazine June 2006
"WILD APPLAUSE, WHISTLES AND CHEERS. It's not the typical response a bunch of high school kids usually give an instructor after a lesson, is it? Yet that's what happened at the end of a recent performance at Salida High School by a master percussionist known simply as Bones.'Drums are powerful. They speak to something inside of us...'"
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Vail Daily May 2006
"Based in the Rocky Mountain region and playing the Dead since 1987, Shakedown Street have permanently added two drummers to its lineup. Jake Wolf and "Bones" have been switching on and off with the band for a couple of years, but the group decided the sound is better with both."
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