Live, Bones plays a 6 piece, Maple, Pearl Kit and uses exclusively; Zildjian, Paiste, Wuhan and Sabian cymbals. He plays a Ride Cymbal but uses only splashes instead of crash cymbals. Bones' Toms are 8X8, 10X8, 12X10, with a 12X3 piccolo snare and a 14X14 Floor-tom which is sometimes replaced by 2 Congas. Bones' Drum-set is a fairly standard set-up aside from having a large assortment of bells and blocks, congas instead of a floor tom and timbales on the left. He also uses double bass drum pedals and sometimes includes a remote high hat. The drum-set was Bones' second instrument after the Trombone but remains his favorite form of expression. Here is an overhead view of his band set up: